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HOT Scenes: Intimate Borderline

This is my second blog. Dedicated to anime hot scenes giving it a borderline of they're doing it or nearly doing it but pretty much none is at all exposed. Well, maybe a little ^o^ But with these pictures, they left you hanging and will make you crave for more. This is more on the intimate parts of ecchi, hot scenes but really not digging on to the taboo part. I have another blog for that =^o^=

These pictures leave me with "Can they show more!?" Does it do the same to you?


Disclaimer: Photos are not mine unless I say so.

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Merry Christmas my dear followers!

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the story of a cop raped an female teacher and slowly into dangerous relationship 

are you requesting to post pictures of it or you want me to create a manga for it? i’m not artistic enough to create a manga :P

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i want see love story between rapist and his victim 

huh? what do you mean? sorry…my mind is kinda slow…can you clarify for me?



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